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vSpace Management Center for the N-series Enterprise-Class Management For organizations deploying the NComputing N-series thin clients for Citrix HDX, vSpace Management Center provides a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of device management. With its web-based console, IT administrators can manage their N-series devices from anywhere, anytime. vSpace Management Center helps organize a deployment whether it is a single site or multiple sites – and makes it easy to perform management tasks remotely including firmware updates, configuration changes, device resets and more. By allowing administrators to access and manage all N-series devices from a single location, regardless of the size or number of deployment sites, vSpace Management Center dramatically reduces the administrative overhead needed to maintain and control their environment. vMC Benefits - Comprehensive: flexible, web-based management tool for the NComputing N-series environment. - Centralized: access an entire N-series deployment from a single console. - Scalable: manage 100, 1000 or 10,000 devices across multiple networks and locations. - Simple: easy to install and use with flexible web-based user interface. SUPPORTED DEVICES N-series for Citrix HDX: N400, N500, N500w SINGLE OR GROUP DEVICE MANAGEMENT Push settings to provision an individual device (1:1) or use profiles for batch provisioning (1:many) PROFILE-BASED CONFIGURATION Assign devices to common profiles for rapid, scalable device provisioning and roll-out ENCRYPTED MANAGEMENT All management communication conducted between vSpace Management Center and N-Series thin clients is fully encrypted using the SSL standard. EASY FIRMWARE UPDATES Use the firmware update wizard to simplify device updates and scheduling SIMPLE STATUS Central dashboard with device online status and logging view enables rapid assessment of your environment status CONSOLIDATED INSTALL Install the complete vSpace Management Center via one installer in under 10 minutes COMPREHENSIVE LOGGING System events are continually logged to aid in troubleshooting and to confirm actions DELEGATED ADMINISTRATION Supports two levels of management for “view-only” and “edit-capable” access and can be easily authenticated via Active Directory/LDAP MANAGEMENT ZONE REDUNDANCY Deploy multiple servers to manage the sam

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